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BLS Occupational Outlook: Financial Examiners
Most Financial Examiners work for the finance and insurance industry and federal and state government, examining and ensuring compliance with laws that govern institutions handling monetary transactions. To work in the field, one typically needs a bachelor’s degree that includes some coursework in accounting. In Missouri, Financial Examiners had an average wage of $86,290 in 2020. Click on the above link to learn more about Financial Examiners and their job outlook.
Career Pathways: Financial and Professional Services
Careers in Financial and Professional Services frequently involve interactions with the public, making skills in customer service and acting as a professional company representative important for this career pathway. Important industry-wide technical skills for a career in this field include familiarity with relevant codes and regulations, as well as knowledge of business operations and financial reporting. Missouri has a strong presence in the Financial and Professional Services industry, being home to several Fortune 1000 companies. Career opportunities in Legal Services, Business Operations, Sales and Marketing, and Financial and Insurance Services are possible pathways in this field.
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